Why you should skip the iPhone 9 for a Note 9?

Galaxy Note 9 Blue Color

It’s always the same every year. Both Apple and Samsung target audiences with major flagships of the year. This time around, it’s the Note 9 and iPhone 9. Apple’s iPhone is the sweet spot for a lot of fans, getting a refreshed hardware, probably a new design and new features. Galaxy Note 9 on other-hand may not sound much as it comes with a similar hardware to the S9, but it tops the charts in terms of performance and gets a dual camera and infinity¬†edge to boot. While it’s hard to compare two different platforms, we gave it a try. Here’s why you should skip the next iPhone for a Note 9.

Samsung has been innovating at their end perfecting their smartphone lineup. They simply say no to notches, curves the display and bring to us a stunning device that looks and works amazingly well. This will be true for the Note 9. While there might not be a lot of changes on the Note 9, it will definitely fill the gap where it matters. If you want a huge display merged nicely together with an amazing hardware, Note 9 is your choice. Not to mention this time around the S-Pen gets a major revamp with a ton of new features. Also, Samsung just hinted that the Note 9 might not be priced as high as everybody might think. Galaxy Note 9 is all set for launch on August 9.

Apple, on the other hand, hasn’t even though about changing their design since 2014, if adding glass to the design justifies it, that might be the only change ever since the iPhone 6. Sure, you get a new hardware, the latest OS, probably a new camera and features, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new that is innovative. On top of that, the asking price for an Apple device is way more compared to an Android device. The truth is if you are an Apple fan, you are in line already for the next iPhone 9, by the way, it’s in September, but if you are thinking of investing in a big phone with the latest hardware, dual cameras, and infinity edge display, Note 9 is your choice.


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