We get a hands on with the Note 9 display and it doesn’t have a notch.

Note 9 Front Panel

It’s hard to keep a lid on a flagship and staying true to that fact are the leaks that follow-up close to the launch of a flagship. Galaxy Note 9 is nearing the launch date and pretty much all of the device has been leaked online. There were a lot of questions and speculations, and today we have answers to most of it.

After a long trail of leaks, we finally got hands on the front panel for the Note 9, special thanks to Ice Universe for the leak. This latest design of the front panel clears one of the obvious doubts, will the Note 9 really have a notch? The answer to that, no, Samsung is too proud to dump their standards. Note 9 will simply be a 6.4-inch phablet with the same stretched display that we all love, without a notch of course. From the panel, one other detail is clear that the Note 9 won’t sport an in-display fingerprint sensor. Which also concludes that the case design might even be accurate, the variable aperture dual camera positioned horizontally with the fingerprint sensor below it in a better position. If the rumors are true we might be able to see the Note 9 launch in August.

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    1. Probably. There are talks about a 512GB version, although how likely a version would like that launch is another question. Perhaps a premium edition, and that will have its own cost considering the current Note has a heavy price tag.

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