Top 5 Features of Galaxy Note 9 | The New Note

Top 5 Features of Galaxy Note 9 | The New Note

Samsung’s S9 sibling comes with few new features, even re-iterating old ones, although we expected more. Galaxy Note 9 on the other hand is rumored to come with a new set of features altogether. Here are top Galaxy Note 9 features to be implemented on the device.

A new display

Samsung has already established that they provide the best display in the industry. The AMOLED panels offers rich saturated vivid colors that no other phones can match. Although we have been seeing the implementation of edge display, a kind of infinity display curved to the sides, a completely curved one on the Galaxy Note 9 scaling to 2K in resolution and tad brighter than the current ones will be one of the best of features of the device.

On-screen fingerprint sensor

S9 and S9 Plus was iterated to get a better placement of the fingerprint sensor now below the camera. But with the Galaxy Note 9, an in-display fingerprint sensor is in the rumor mill. Although there are some limitations to the current solutions, we might get to witness this feature on the new Note.

Dual 16 Megapixel rear camera

Galaxy Note 9 will come with dual 16 Megapixel camera with one lens at 28mm and the other at 50mm. One of the cameras will setup the variable aperture technology, opening it up to f/1.4. Both cameras will be optically stabilised with more video options. For selfies, you get a new a 12 Megapixel camera with f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

Better performance

Android phones in general don’t get updates after 2 years of service life. After one year of use, the phones from the top brands starts bogging down even, this will be taken care of in the Note 9. With a new Snapdragon chip and 6GB or 8GB RAM depending on the choice, Note 9 will plough through tasks easily and will last more than this 2 year milestone before giving in.

Bigger and better battery

Not that the S9 and S9 plus has a bad battery, but with new features and upgraded insides, we will get a 4200mAh unit on the Galaxy Note 9 which will sustain the life of the device for a day with heavy usage.

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