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Galaxy Note 9 Exynos Version Leaked

All new Samsung Note 9 Back

We are only few months away from the Note 9 launch, but we have pretty much got the device the device in our hands, maybe not physically. Today this gets even better as we have more details about…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wishlist, what we would like to see from the next Note

All new Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s upcoming flagship for the year, Note 9 is in the works. Though Samsung is trying to keep the lid on it, news and leaks have pretty much painted the device. The latest news we got is the…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Concepts, Images, Pictures, Infographics And Design

Samsung Note 9 Concept

Galaxy Note 9 gets a notch in the new iteration. After the latest updates on Android for notch designs, and sudden shift of the market  trend, we may indeed see a notched Galaxy Note 9. Samsung Galaxy Note…

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