Samsung’s Solution for Big Displays: Display Panels with Holes


The big tech fishes of the 21st century, Samsung and Apple are close to a breakthrough in big displays, all glass upfront without any buttons or any other elements as an obstruction.

The new Galaxy S8 siblings are a good example, stretching the display to an odd aspect ratio, removing the physical button for on-screen buttons and an almost bezel-less display curving to the sides. iPhone X, on the other hand, took this to another level cutting a notch on top and controlling the UI with swipe gestures only. Although a good solution, this made some sacrifices,  a black notch on top is sometimes distracting for the most part and some sacrifices made on the UI is not the best way to do it. Samsung just came up with a solution to all these problems. A patent by the company was just leaked and it not only solves these display problems but also helps to make a phone futuristic, in the sense that now upfront, all Galaxy phones will only have displays, which will also hide the sensors.

The patent mentions that instead of cutting a notch on any elements on the display, it’d holes on the panel itself. The holes can be on either ends of the panel, and these holes will incorporate the sensors required. On the positive side, this solution is one that will give us a futuristic smartphone with only display upfront, the Galaxy Note 9 is not too far ahead to incorporate such a solution, the other side being how Samsung will implement such a feature, will it be like a dot, a dead pixel on the display or some other feature. Either way, Samsung’s patent is sure to rock the smartphone tech in 2018, maybe we don’t see this on the S8, but Note 9 seems a promising start.

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