Samsung’s plans to upgrade the Note 9 confirmed

All new Note 9

The past few days have been exciting for Note fans as latest leaks confirmed what they are getting with the Note 9 this time. For the most part, we know that the new Samsung Note will inherit more or less of the design from the Note 8, and change the internals. This was proved true with the Geekbench leak which showed the Note 9 being tested with the Exynos 9810 same as the S8.

Today we’ve something even exciting which seems to be a confirmation from the company itself. The news comes in two parts, first is a slight modification and the second one is far-fetched at this point. For the first one, we will be treated with a Note 9 trend display, this time around. The new Note will be slightly bigger in terms of the display size. Samsung has been working on a 6.48-inch panel and this is supposed to debut in the Note 9. If they plan to use it as a 6.4-inch display or 6.5-inch display is unclear at this time.

The second news is too good to be true. It comes from the latest dealings between Samsung and Qualcomm. Samsung is working with Qualcomm’s solution for an Ultrasonic fingerprint reader. This advanced tech was announced way back and hasn’t seen light till now, being costly to implement. It seems as Samsung might be interested in this tech with the company’s plans to launch the upcoming Galaxy series with the solution. Does this mean that the Samsung Note 9 will be getting an advanced tech?

This might just happen since Samsung has a knack to debut features early and improve it down the road.

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