Samsung to announce a new Galaxy device on October 11th | 4x Fun

Samsung to announce a new Galaxy device on October 11th | 4x Fun

Soon after Apple announced its three new iPhones – iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr, rival Samsung sent out invitations for an October 11th event – A Galaxy Event with a mention ‘4x Fun’ leading to speculation of a new giant smartphone with 4 cameras or a foldable device. On the other hand, Google has also sent out invites for an October 9th event for its new Pixel’s smartphones.

Invitation sent out by Samsung reads – “Samsung’s newest Galaxy device is bringing more ways to express yourself than ever before.” Based on the invitation, it is rumored to be mid-range smartphone related to four back camera or return of Galaxy zoom or may be a foldable device. Samsung is expected to name this new smartphone – Galaxy F or simply Galaxy X.

Earlier at IFA 2018, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh had already said that first bendable device might soon be a reality and get launch near November at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco, perhaps October event may related to this.

However, even if Samsung launches its new and first ever bendable smartphone in October 2018, it is unlikely to reach customers before January 2019. Stay tuned for more stuff on new Galaxy device and do not forget to subscribe to

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