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Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming Soon

Samsung’s Galaxy iteration is reaching it’s 10th anniversary, which means a major innovation will be happening in 2019. Galaxy S8 was a step up from the S7 keeping everything simple and focusing on vital details, perfecting the edge, saying no the notch, bringing premium to their smartphones, S9 being a minor upgrade (remember the S5?). Major leaks are out now for the Galaxy S10 and this will be the next big innovation from Samsung, literally a major overhaul will happen and S10 will bring a number of major changes.

Galaxy S10’s arrival in 2019 will be to battle it out with top contenders who are catching up in this industry either with price and specs or price, specs, camera and looks. That being a major challenge, what is Samsung planning to do for 2019? No spoilers, we are getting S10s.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Game changer, major innovation and major changes

Ever since the first Galaxy launched, Samsung has been constantly changing something or everything in every new iteration (let’s not roll back to the plastic phone days). Galaxy S6 was a game changer, then there was the S7, S8 (and let’s not count the S9), pure perfect smartphones in every cents (look what I did there!). Now that we are getting the 10th iteration, what can we expect?

Well, long story short we will get 3 versions for the S10. And each individual S10s will have a feature/features of its own.

That’s something new, adding more fuel to the fire, there will be design changes, camera upgrades, new features, major innovations in terms of regular usage. Oh, and one more detail, the Galaxy Note series might be cancelled and merged with the Galaxy S lineup. TL;DR points to note for the S10:

  1. 3 new versions of the S10
  2. Big, Huge and Humongous display
  3. Top of the line specs, might even support 5G.
  4. Is is too much to ask fr DDR5 RAM?
  5. Latest flavor of Android.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Display and Body

Samsung premium reputation touches point with the S10. A glass sandwiched smartphone is to be expected folding to the sides for the edge display we have been in love with so far. If you are questioning, will Samsung cave into the tradition of following with a notch, well there doesn’t seem to be a notch in the design leaks so far nor Samsung seem to be bothered about this. We we love their smartphones even without a notch and this is not going change anytime soon.

And for the big change in the S lineup since a long time, the S10 variants. Let’s start with the small one first, the regular Galaxy S10. The regular Samsung Galaxy S10 will follow suite like the other S series with a 5.8 inch display with the stretched aspect ratio.

The design will be changed from the S9 with a rounded edge as per the leaks. The other will be the Galaxy S10 Plus and this will be a 6.1 inch display setup with more or less the same design as the regular S10. The last and the elephant in the room will be an S10 Plus Plus or S10 Pro, although leaks are out about these versions, the naming is still a mystery. This S10 will be 6.4 inch deal keeping the design and aesthetics similar to the other S10s.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Camera; what kind of glass are we getting this time?

Camera is one of those departments where everyone seems to be gaining ground (Huawei anyone?) Even the budget oriented phones come with a decent camera (decent enough; don’t pixel peep). Since the Galaxy S10 will innovate in every department, there are some leaks in this department which are likely and there is news which seems out of the world, atleast at this moment.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with a dual lens 16 Megapixel camera with variable aperture, wide angle and zoom lens for the perfect photography. Some leaks point out to that the S10 Pro might even come with a 3 camera setup (trust us this could happen since everybody is expecting and anything can happen in this iteration). The regular S10 could also get a similar camera to the Galaxy S9, since this version is more like an entry into the S world.

Galaxy S10: Hardware and Features, more excitement.

Let’s get down to it shall we? Every Galaxy S lineup came with top of the line specs and S10 won’t be an exception. Galaxy S10 will be fitted with the best from Qualcomm and it’s another major leap.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 will be the right fit for the S10 lineup, Exynos 9820 for the global version. Even the base version of the S10 will be come with 855 and 9820. Apart from being a 7nm chip, the Snapdragon 855 will bring support for better hardware out of the box.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, base version will run this chip paired with 6GB of RAM, available with 64, 128 and 256GB storage options. The other S10 series will come with 6 or 8GB options and storage starting from 128GB all the way upto 512GB. There are some rumors lurking around pointing to an 8GB DDR5 RAM in the works, who knows this might just happen.

For the features list a few of the currently confirmed ones falls into better security, the base S10 will come with a side fingerprint sensor, the S10 Plus and S10 Pro will have an in display fingerprint sensor which will be the ultrasonic solution manufactured by Qualcomm. Also it might happen that the S10 Pro might come with an S-Pen, coming from the news that the S lineup and Note lineup might merge.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price: A premium package indeed

The S10 lineup will be a premium costing much higher than the previous versions. The base Galaxy S10 will start from $749 going as high as $900. The Galaxy S10 Plus and Pro being the bigger version will priced much higher starting from $999 as high as $1400. The pricing models are just early leaks, but even with this price tag, we can expect how premium of a device we are getting in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

Wrapping the story, the Samsung Galaxy S10 as with every other Galaxy launches will see light in MWC 2019 in February. If you are skipping the Note 9 for the Galaxy S10, this might be your chance, else there are rumors that the Galaxy X will launch in CES 2019.

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