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Galaxy S10

Samsung is all set to launch next Galaxy S Series smartphone – the S10 in Mobile World Congress 2019 in February next year. If you are skipping the recently launched Galaxy Note 9 for the Galaxy S10, then this might be your chance to have a premium smartphone with a premium package indeed.

Galaxy S10 is expected to have a 5.8 inch screen display, dual lens 16 Megapixel camera, 6GB of RAM, available with 64, 128 and 256GB storage options and Latest flavor of Android OS. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship in black, white, green, silver, red and pink color.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price

Country S10  Expected Price
Galaxy S10 price in India INR 65,000/
Samsung S10 price in USA $950
Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Canada $950
Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Korea 1008999 South Korean Won
Galaxy S10 price in Denmark 6000 Danish Krone
Galaxy S10 price in Russia 30999 Russian Ruble
S10 price in Singapore 1250 Singapore Dollar
Galaxy S 10 price in Indonesia 9943155 Indonesian Rupiah
Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Australia 1100 Australian Dollar
Galaxy S10 price in Sri Lanka 128700 Sri Lankan Rupee
Galaxy S10 price in UK
650 British Pound Sterling
Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Belgium / Germany / Italy Euro 750
Galaxy S10 price in China 6000 Chinese Yuan
Samsung S10 price in South Africa 9225 South African Rand
Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Iraq / Iran $900
Galaxy S10 price in New Zealand 1934.925 New Zealand Dollar
S10 price in Hong Kong 7072.90 Hong Kong Dollar
S 10 price in Malaysia 3200 Malaysian Ringgit


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