Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 benchmark

The benchmark testing is an important aspect for a smartphone in a bid to see how better the hardware performs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Exynos 8895 Octa processor scored whopping 1961 for Single Core.

On the other hand, Apple’s latest edition – iPhone X has gone ahead with Samsung’s Note 8 in benchmark testing with base score line of 4244.

In the upcoming phablet, we can expect Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Benchmark to go beyond iPhone X single core score.

Galaxy Note9 is all set for a makeover with processor-cores running with its peak performance along with boost in Graphics, giving the giant smartphone as much as power as possible.

Lightning fast performance is crucial for any smartphone, and Samsung knows this very well. With lots of apps installed in phones these day, to keep the device alive the synthetic benchmarking is the key to all issues.

Another important aspect will be the battery life for the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. The Note 8 provides a good 7hr 50min. battery life, but it is much less when we compare with an Apple’s iPhone X which has 8hr 41min. of battery life.

However, this is sure to improve for Note9. Quality matters and so the speed of the device and we expect Galaxy Note 9 benchmark to score high and break all the previous records hold by any other phone.

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