Note 9 might just be the finish line for the Note lineup

Samsung Galaxy Note9

This news just went from a hyped mystery to something that could eventually be true. Ever since the S10 news got the highlight, rumors are pointing to a drastic change in the Note lineup. There will be apparently be three versions of the Galaxy S10 and the biggest variant of them all will most likely replace the Galaxy Note9. The news was leaked by sources close to Samsung.

The source says that there might be an S-Pen addition to the one of the S10 siblings which will be a move to deviate away from the Note series.

Although this news is surprising, in one way or the other, this was bound to happen. Ever since the Note 7 (R.I.P), Samsung has made very little or no change to the Note series (the battery being a change). The Note 8 had minor design tweaks, latest hardware and a price to match. The Note9 still in rumor phase has leaked pretty much and continues to show us that there is very little change.

Apart from the camera positioning, spec bump and a revamped S-Pen nothing major is going to be innovated in the Note 9. Galaxy S10 is bound to fix all this, with a number of leaks revealing that Samsung will bring major changes, innovate even more; leaks saying that anything could happen with the S10.

This news might be true if you think one way, but there is a chance that Samsung might just pull out a rabbit out of the hat trick and bring something entirely new.

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