Is the Galaxy Note 9 the right device for you?

Samsung Note 9 Concept

Galaxy S9 now the king of the smartphone hill was a much-awaited device. Although it can be termed king, do you really agree? We all know that the S9 successor to the Galaxy S8 hasn’t changed much in terms of design, it’s been a year since the S8 took the stage. And we are now in April, a few months away from the Note 9 announcement. Are you ready to invest in one, considering that S9 offered very less?

For starters, the Galaxy Note 9 will be a premium device, with latest and greatest hardware. So far we have got a handful of leaks pointing to the specs of the device. Samsung still sticking to the Snapdragon 845 isn’t a great thing, perhaps it’s for the best, a new CPU means better battery optimization which can be a hit or miss (remember the Note 7). 6GB or 8GB of RAM will be on the table with storage options starting from 64GB to 256GB. We get a new dual 16-megapixel camera with variable aperture. The pricing for the phone will be anywhere from $849 and above. There are also some rumors that a new design is in the works too. Taking all this into consideration, is it the right device for you? If you bought an S9 today, well, it’s better that you stick with it until the Galaxy S10 or whatever it will be called, but if you are still using dear old S8, we would suggest the switch, it offers a lot more for the upgrade, even if you are using any other smartphone, the switch could prove really useful. It’s Samsung, folks, they always bring the latest and greatest to the table, this will be true for the Galaxy Note 9 as well.

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