Here’s why you should skip the Note 9 for the Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 colors

With the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has set some new standards for their smartphones. Although being similar in design to the Galaxy Note 8, the Note 9 brought some refreshments to the field. Notably, the 4000 mAh battery now does justice to all the users lasting a day on a full charge. S-Pen has seen a major upgrade supporting Bluetooth and other phone functionalities, including controlling the camera, other apps and do so much more. 6.4 inch on the display is a huge, bright, anytime ready AMOLED panel with those bursting colors and readability in almost any condition, plus Samsung stuck with the “no-notch policy” this time around as well.

If you understood these key points, plus the fact that the Note 9 comes with the latest silicone, you are pretty much convinced by now as to which phone you should pick in your next visit to the store. But hold on to that thought for a second. We have another device incoming in a couple of months, the Galaxy S10 and it’s promised to be the next big innovation from Samsung. Read on as we lay down the points as to why it’s worth skipping the Note 9 and waiting for the S10.

The Galaxy S10 will be the flagship for the year 2019 from Samsung and as you might know by now that it’s going to be a major release. A lot of the leaks and rumors are pointing to the fact that the S10 will be a major innovation, not just an iteration from Samsung (they say that all the time). For starters, there will be more in the package for offer this time, three version of the S10. The S10s, for simplicity, let’s call it the S10 Lite, S10 and the S10+ will have a refreshed design, new hardware and bumped up camera. The Galaxy S10 Lite will be a 5.8-inch phone with latest Qualcomm chip and a side mounted fingerprint sensor. There will be dual cameras on the device, leaks not confirming the specs, could be a dual 12 or 16 Megapixel variable aperture lens, we’d go with 12 since this is the base version of the S10.

Galaxy S10 will be bigger scaling to 6.1 inches with the same specs, but a dual 16 Megapixel variable aperture camera and an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint technology to boot. The Galaxy S10+ will be a 6.4-inch affair with similar hardware to the S10, but some leaks point out to a 3 camera setup. Galaxy S10+ will also house the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor like the S10 and all three variants will come with 6GB and 8GB RAM options. The latest specs, 3 different versions to choose from, a new design, new features an hardware, the S10 will have more to offer than the Note 9. If you are looking to upgrade your phone to a Galaxy series, we would suggest waiting for the Galaxy S10 instead of the Note 9.

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