Galaxy S10 Preorder Details

Galaxy S10

Samsung’s next premium smartphone, the Galaxy S10 or the S10 variants will be the next big innovation from Samsung or so they say. As per the rumors, the three new addition to the Galaxy S lineup will come with top of the lines specs, all-new design, features to rival the competition and best cameras you can see on a smartphone. Even with the recent leaks telling us that the S10 high-end version will come with 5G support out of the box, and the base S10 incorporating in-display fingerprint sensor.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy S10 will likely follow the footsteps of the Note 9 and come with a heavy price tag as well. Whether the spec upgrade and the design justify the price is another story, but what we have for today are some pre-leaks on the Galaxy S10 preorder program from select retailers in the country including Samsung as well. Keep in mind these are just rumors being shuffled on the internet right now, we will update this post with more solid news, till then this is what you should know.

Samsung preorder bundled offers

Samsung will allow you to preorder the S10 with great discounts bundling new game coins or even premium headphones with the device.

Verizon and T-Mobile offering 10% discounts

Verizon and T-Mobile will be offering 10% discounts on the devices, but it seems more likely that the S10 Plus and S10 Pro, the higher end devices will get this tag with the base S10 at a minimum.


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