Galaxy Note 9 FCC Details, Announcement in July and More Updates, Your Wait Is Almost Over

All new Galaxy Note 9

It’s hard to start this post with one topic, the news is that exciting. Let’s start with the one we have been waiting for this whole time, Galaxy Note 9 announcement. Galaxy Note 8 was announced July 31 last year and it was rumored that the Note 9 will show up in August, but that has changed. We have got the news that a major Galaxy phone was filled in for FCC and you could probably guess what that means, Samsung Note 9 is going to be here early.

Now let us dive in deep with this FCC filling process. Usually, this process happens a month before the official announcement of the device. As was the case with the Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 will be announced a month from today. This means that Note 9 will debut anywhere from mid week of July by the end of the month, probably on the date as the Note 8. Other than the announcement details, the FCC LTE test reveals three models, SM-960F, SM/960F/DS and SM-960X the model names similar to SM-950 from the Note 8.

The other exciting news is something unique to the Note series. We all love the S-Pen, but the S-Pen hasn’t seen a major change in years apart from water resistance and a few other features. Leaks from reliable source revealed that the S-Pen is in the works for a major overhaul and will be the major change in the Galaxy Note 9. We’re not sure what will be the major change apart from design at this time but will surely update you with more news regarding this.

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