Galaxy Note 9 Pricing Revealed, Costliest Galaxy Smartphone

Galaxy Note 9 Price in India

Ever since Samsung’s marketing model shifted from offering plastic phones to premium glass and metal ones, the pricing model has also changed considerably. The Galaxy Note 8 launched with a price tag of $1000 for a 64GB model.

No matter how premium a device looks and feels, even when comparing the specs does this price tag makes sense?

Considering that OnePlus offers gadgets at much cheaper price with good looking build and top line specs.
Fast forward to today, pricing details for the Note 9 has just been leaked. In a word or two, it’s the most premium Galaxy smartphone to see production.The pricing details reveal that the Galaxy Note 9 will start from $1230 for the 128GB model.

Considering that the Note 8 only gets you 64GB for $1000, this seems a pretty good deal.

As the previous news mentioned that there will be a 512GB model, well there’s going to be one and it will cost you $1460 to own. These details are from Europe pricing which includes sales tax. Even without sales tax addition, Galaxy Note 9 price will most likely start from $999 in the states.

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