Galaxy Note 9 Preview: It’s not a boring upgrade

All new Galaxy Note 9

After all the hype and leaks, finally, we have the Galaxy Note 9. It’s looks and feels a lot like the Note from the previous generation but bear with us for a second while we try to convince you that it’s not just another minor incremental upgrade.

galaxy note 9 blue

Note 9 Display: It’s humongous and gorgeous

From the previous generation a step up from the Note 8, Samsung has fitted the Galaxy Note 9 with a 6.4-inch display. It’s an AMOLED panel, qHD display and it’s truly gorgeous. We have to give credit to Samsung for not taking the shortcut to a notched design like other manufacturers, the thin bezel and curved edge does justice to the overall design. Although we wished for an in-display fingerprint sensor, might be for another time?

Note 9 Camera: Improved glass, software gets Ai

Galaxy Note 9 has the same camera as the Note 8, looking a bit weird on the design though. The dual lens 12 Megapixel variable aperture camera has had some improvements in the software now being able to change the exposure, white balance etc… as per the scene. Although pro users will turn this off since more control is required. We have an 8 Megapixel front shooter for those selfie lovers.

Note 9 Hardware: Seriously how much storage do you need?

We all know that the Snapdragon 845 is enough to run the Note 9 smoothly through any tasks. The other major upgrade, this is an elephant in the room kind of upgrade is the storage. For starters, you get the base Note 9 with 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM. And for those of you think that’s not enough, there’s a 512GB 8GB version, do you think now it’s a boring upgrade? You now have half a terabyte of storage in your pockets plus more if you can afford a 512GB memory card. All of this will run on a humongous 4000 mAh battery, still with us on the boring part?

Note 9, S-Pen: No wonder Samsung is calling it an innovation

The S-Pen on the Note 9 is an innovation on its own. The revamped S-Pen allows you to open apps, take selfies or even photos and even more when developers get their hands on the SDK. The innovation part is not the just the features, the S-Pen has the same footprint as the previous S-Pen, but the newer packs in Bluetooth and a battery. The S-Pen is charged via inductive capacitance when stored inside the Note shell, also you get 30 minutes of usage with 40 secs of charge. Even better, even if the charge runs out, you can still use it as a regular S-Pen.

Note 9, Pricing and Preorder: Caution, premium ahead

We have to say it, the Note 9 has a premium price tag. The 128GB/6GB variant of the Note 9 will back you up by $999.99 and the 512GB/8GB variant will cost $1249.99. You can get your hands on the device from August 24. You can also preorder the Note 9 on August 23, with Samsung giving you two offers, you can opt for a Note 9 with AKG headphones bundled or you can get the Fornite Galaxy skin edition with 15000 V-Buck close to $150.

Phew!! That was some article, right. I hope you are convince now that the Galaxy Note 9 is not a minor upgrade, and if you are planning to switch you can do so without a doubt.

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