Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Order in the USA

galaxy note 9

Welcoming the newest member of the family, the “Unpacked Event” will be hosted in August. The newest member being the Galaxy Note 9 and let us tell you that a lot of fans are waiting for this announcement since a long time. Although Samsung tried to keep a lid on the details, they failed miserably in doing so, with the actual device leaked recently. Now that we have the details, let’s discuss pricing and pre-order.

A premium device with a price tag of $900, the Galaxy Note 9 preorder in the USA will start from early September following the pattern the company has set, that is if get to see the device on August 9. Going with the hype it can also happen that the preorder starts from mid-week of August, but it’s too soon to tell. On top of that, there will be sweet deals on Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T offering up to¬†25 30% discount on retail prices. Stay posted for updates on the deals.

Galaxy Note 9 brings in a few minor changes from the S9, with a slightly rectangular framework and horizontally place dual cameras. The fingerprint sensor is better positioned this time around. Other specs will be similar to the Galaxy Note 9 with a bump in storage, going from 128GB till 512GB with 6GB or 8GB RAM options. There are a few speculations as to where will these 8GB models show up.

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