Galaxy Note 9 New Leaks: Fixing An Old Problem

The fingerprint reader for the Note 9 has been a much-debated rumor with some leaks going as far as to confirm that a new in-display reader may be in the works. As much as we love to see that being implemented, a good old touch sensitive one does the job just fine. A major flaw Samsung had with this was the positioning of the sensor which on the Note 8 wasn’t great at all, right up there with the camera. Galaxy S8 kind of fixed this by bringing it way down, but Note 9 is taking this even further.

In what it seems to be the biggest leak of them all, a case design for the Galaxy Note 9 was leaked. The transparent case has a horizontal cutout for the dual camera to be implemented in the Note 9 and below that a fingerprint sensor. But wait if you notice closely there something else to see. Going further down from the power button, we can see that there’s a bump for another dedicated button. This goes on further verifying the news that there will indeed be a dedicated camera button on the device, one of the new Note 9 features.

Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch early this year, in August with a lot of anticipation in the design department. Previous rumors have confirmed what all the Note 9 is coming in terms of specs and other feature updates, adding to them will be a dedicated camera button, a new camera sensor, and better-positioned fingerprint sensor. As we get closer to launch, we are getting a clear picture of the device and it’s going to be another Samsung device worth shelling money for.


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