Galaxy Note 9 leaks yet again and this is one major news we have been waiting for

All new Note 9

Samsung is trying hard to keep the lid on any Note 9 leaks but seem to be failing miserably. This time around, Samsung is jumping to big heights and we can’t stop thanking them.

The trend nowadays has changed with the advent of the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T and the Razer Phone, all of them having a common thing, a controller that matches the amount of memory installed on a budget laptop or PC and this trend is picking up it’s pace with Samsung Note 9.

As previously reported by Galaxy Note 9 News and what is now being confirmed by a Korean news agency, Galaxy Note 9 will come with an 8GB RAM option.

It gets even better, the news goes on to say that this version of the Note 9 can come up to 512GB of internal storage which kind of matches an ultrabook in a sense. This beef up in storage and memory might be due to the competition. For a $500 smartphone, OnePlus 6 has everybody beat offering 256GB with 8GB of RAM, that’s enough storage and more memory than required.

The leak comes after Geekbench reports came out with an Exynos variant of Note 9 and pairing with an 8GB might just make a sweeter deal.

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