Galaxy Note 9 Leaks, We Have The List: All The Bad And The Good

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As we all know by now the Galaxy Note 9 is will take the stage on August 9 plus we have a bunch of these leaks that paint a picture, we have covered these in detail previously. This post is more about summarizing those details to make your decision more easier, perhaps you can start saving for the flagship. Let’s narrow the list down to what’s bad and good.

Jump in happiness; the good first:

Camera: As far as the leaks confirm, there will be a dual 12-Megapixel variable aperture camera module now place horizontally. The other great thing is that these sensors will have improved algorithms for improved photography.

New S-Pen: It’s the highlight of the show and a major design change in the Note 9. A new and improved accurate S-Pen will come with the Note 9 with added Bluetooth support.

Display: We are expecting a 6.4-inch display on the Note 9, and this time around Samsung will make it brighter with improved colors. We already know about AMOLED panels, does this need any further explanation?

Mammoth Battery: Samsung phones disappointed in the battery department. Even for the Note 8, a puny battery was introduced. But no more, make room for a 4000mAh battery for the Note 9. It’s going to be a powerhouse.

More Storage, More RAM: Samsung Note 9 is confirmed to come with copious amounts of storage, 128, 256 & 512GB to name the standards. That’s not the full story though, a few of these storage options will come with 8GB of RAM as well.

Tread lightly; the other side:

Design: Galaxy Note 9 will retain the same design as the Note 8. Changes will be minor with horizontally placed cameras and fingerprint sensor below it.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor: Speaking of fingerprint sensors, this one detail pains the most. The final render leaks for the Note 9 finally confirmed that there won’t be an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Stay tuned for more updates


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