Galaxy Note 9 In Display fingerprint sensor confirmed

Galaxy Note 9 In Display fingerprint sensor confirmed

This might just be the biggest news of them all and the most awaited. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is now confirmed to come with an in display fingerprint sensor.

Synaptics, a company that deals with fingerprint sensor and touch sensors have confirmed that their patented in display fingerprint is ready to fit on smartphones. This is great news, although Samsung’s devices won’t be the first to incorporate this feature.

Vivo will be the first smartphone to launch with an in display fingerprint sensor, other devices are soon to follow.

This also means that device displays can be larger, come with much higher resolution and the possibility that display stretch to edges is something worth noting.

On the other hand, Samsung hasn’t confirmed the sensor being implemented on the Galaxy S9.

This might be a sad news for the S9 fans out there, it can also happen that Samsung might just surprise us all in the end.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be one of the major leaps in smartphone tech with an edge to edge completely curved display, top of the line silicone and features to match.

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