Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy X preview; Things are looking bright for the year

Galaxy Note 9 Concept

Samsung is going to unwrap the covers off the Note 9 soon. The big flagship of the year will bring a face to the smartphone world offering the best in a smartphone. This however as we have seen so many runs on the same script. The phone launches, after a lot of excitement, it’s forgotten, this can happen anytime after the first few months. But this time around we have something to keep the excitement around. A korean site has reported that Samsung is working on the Galaxy X, a foldable smartphone concept.

The news goes on something like this. Back when rumors pointed to Samsung working on a foldable smartphone, it was also rumored that the device could very well be launched in the form of a Note or S series. Soon, the rumors were erased and we saw new Note and S series launch. What made it to the news though was the Galaxy X, the same foldable concept now with a new name and a lineup on it’s own. The concept is making its way to reality. Galaxy X as the rumors point out will be the flexible foldable smartphone with 3 different screens. Each screen will be a 3.5 inch setup.

But wait, there’s more. The Galaxy X has two display 3.5 inch each folded away while another 3.5 inch screen sits in the back. The folded displays can be unfolded to a full 7 inch tablet size screen, which is pretty cool. The rumors also point out that Samsung might take their time, launching it early in 2019. As an icebreaker we might just see a preview of the Galaxy X on the Note 9 launch as the work for the device as per rumors has already started.

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