Galaxy Note 9 First Look, Preorder, Price and Other Details

We have been waiting for this for a long time, and the patience hasn’t gone to waste, not yet. Samsung has finally pulled the lid off of the Galaxy Note 9 and we have a few pics to share. The Galaxy Note 9 was leaked online, almost all of the details were available online and all of them were bang on. Note 9 is something to truly note about.

Note 9 Front

Samsung hasn’t done much change to the Note except for the screen size which now stretches to 6.4 inches. Although the screen is big, the footprint is similar to the Note 8. That’s a good thing and what makes it even better is the S-Pen. As the leaks pointed out, Samsung has done some major changes to the S-Pen. The S-Pen now supports bluetooth for easy access to the phone. On pressing the S-Pen, button, the camera opens, double pressing again opens the front camera and pressing again clicks a picture. There are other functionalities too, we have yet to touch further on the S-Pen. For now, even if the S-Pen battery dies, it still can be used a regular pen, did we mention it is waterproof too?

Samsung Note 9

For the specs, we have the Snapdragon 845 running the show and Exynos 9810 for the international variant. Taking pictures will be a real pleasure with the dual lens camera, one with 26mm lens and variable aperture form f/1.5 – f/2.4 and the other 52mm, f/2.4. The base version of the Note 9 gets you 128GB and 6GB of RAM and the higher version gets you 512GB and 8GB RAM, with a 500GB memory card, you now get 1TB of storage.

Now that we have all the details out of the way, let’s talk price and availability. The Galaxy Note 9 will be available from 24 August with a starting price of $999.99 for the 128GB version. The 512GB version will be priced at $1249.99, a premium as mentioned before. Preorders starts on 23rd August, and you can opt for a Note 9 with AKG N60NC headset or the Fortnite Skin Edition which gets you 15000 V-bucks which is around $150. This just a first look at the Galaxy Note 9, we have more to cover. Stay tuned and stay posted for updates.

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