Galaxy Note 9 In Display Fingerprint Sensor: More Details Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Concept

With CES happening we get to see new tech announcements everyday. One major and more rumored one was the revealing of a new phone with in-display fingerprint sensor by Vivo.

Synaptics is the solutions provider for the in-display fingerprint sensor and pairing with Vivo gives us a demo just how well this tech works. There’s only one downside to this though, the sensor works only OLED panels at this stage.

The pixel gaps between the display is scanned to record the fingerprint. Just as easy as saying, it works pretty well for a demo, although a bit slow, but works. This brings us to the question will the S9 or even Galaxy Note 9 will come with this feature. Well, to get the excitement out of the way the Note 9 will incorporate this feature although a few rumors of the S9 coming with this is also in the news. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the next big flagship with a ton of features and updated design.

The OLED panel on the 18.5:9 display will be more than enough real estate for the fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm’s all new Snapdragon 855 will be the beating heart for Note 9 promising better battery performance and fluidity throughout usage.

Even though we have news that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with such a feature, it’s not clear as to whether Samsung will opt for Synaptics’ solution or Qualcomm’s ultrasonic solution which was revealed in MWC 2017.

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