Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price, Specs, Release Date, Rumors, Features And All You Need To Know

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Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 last year skipping the version 6 to catch up with the S line up.

Although the move was appreciated things turned pretty bad quickly with few phone catching fire to news of the device burning a car, some devices even reported explosion.

We all know the cause of such fatality was a faulty battery and the standards that were put to test these tiny explosives were not so standard.

It’s been a year since that happened, and we have more interesting news to cover from the most reputed brand in the mobile industry, Samsung. The Galaxy S8 bringing innovation and style to the table, what’s in store for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8?

The new 8 point battery safety checker was implemented by Samsung before the S8 launch to win the trust of its beloved customers. Read on for the latest updates and what to expect from the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 Display and Body: 4K on the horizon?

Samsung is one of those companies who innovate, they leave no stone unturned when releasing a new Galaxy S or Galaxy Note lineup.

Latest and greatest is the keyword here with every high-end device receiving the high-end treatment that includes the latest hardware, new UI/UX, new features (we also can argue that some are gimmicky) bundled with the latest generation of Android, Galaxy Note 8 will be no different in this regard.

As per the leaks, Samsung is taking the current SAMOLED panel to the next level.

The screen will now be brighter and prettier on the Galaxy Note 8, with rumored 4K panel scaling to 6.2 inches. Inky blacks, sharp text and multimedia will be the norm on the Note 8.

With new initiatives since Galaxy S7, Samsung is focusing on not only bringing a gorgeous device to the table but also a device which has the necessary features to carry around all the time. The new initiative came in the form of IP68 water and dust resistance, which will also be included in the Note 8 so you have the freedom of taking the phone for a swim or a splash in the rain.

The S-Pen stylus will also work under water like the Note 7, although apart from protecting the stylus and casing from water, we don’t seem to understand this feature any further.

Galaxy Note 8 Camera: Focus is the key.

Even phone cameras these days are rivaling point and shoots these days and let’s be honest when you got such capability why spend or even bring a point and shoot to the game.

With every flagship, manufacturers are focused on bumping the specs but a lot of manufacturers are doing the opposite in the camera department.

Cutting down from 16 Megapixels to 12 was a sweet move from Samsung focusing on the sharpness of the image reducing noise, Galaxy S8 holds it’s own in this regard.

12 Megapixels might not be that big of a number, but as proven a million times, megapixels doesn’t matter in photography.

This was the case for Galaxy S8, producing exceptional images out of the camera and offering raw and other pro modes for better control.

That being said, contenders are nowadays are upping their game with the OnePlus 5 offering a dual lens camera with 16 and 20 Megapixel shooters. We know Samsung and not to worry, the Galaxy Note 8 is not sticking with the low megapixel count like the S8.

With this iteration, Samsung will be focussing on setting a dual lens camera scaling to 13 Megapixels. That paired with Optical Image Stabilization and f/1.7 aperture will now give you pixel perfect output.

Galaxy Note 8 Coming Soon
Galaxy Note 8 Coming Soon

And talking of the output, the dual camera on the Note 8 will now be fitted with a 28mm focal length lens and 50mm focal length of better optical zoom and all the wide angle goodness you get with such a range.

The front shooter will also be given a boost on the Note 8 with an 8 Megapixel f/1.7 module with a wide angle lens for better selfies.

Galaxy Note 8 Hardware: Ready for 2017?

Current gen phones are following a trend offering the newest silicone out of the box, updating other features, offering a premium device. Samsung has learned this lesson coming from cheap plastic devices to offering much more premium devices with class and elegance.

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All the premium aside, it’s the silicone that matters and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is no slouch here either offering the latest gen Snapdragon and Exynos chips. The standard 4GB of RAM will now be given a boost making it’s way to 6GB. Bundle all that with the new revamped Samsung UI and you know what’s coming your way.

Galaxy Note 8 Battery and Features

From past experiences, Samsung will be treading the battery department with care. Galaxy Note 8 will be treated with an 8 point battery standard for the new 4200mAh battery module. A lot of rumors also confirm that this indeed will be true since Note 8 will be a huge device breaking all the phablet standards again.

This new battery is said to handle heavy tasks including updated security features like the retina scanner and fingerprint sensor.

Speaking of which, it’s a sad news that the Note 8 will not be getting an on-screen fingerprint sensor rumored earlier and with the buttons replaced with capacitive one, we can only imagine the awkward positioning of the sensor or Samsung will be kind enough put it below the camera like other manufacturers.

Galaxy Note 8 Price and Release Date

The most exciting new to hear is the date of announcement of the Note 8. We have a lot of rumors circling around and one interesting leak confirms that Galaxy Note 8 will likely be launched in August a month before and this can be something on the horizon now that Samsung is more aggressive towards offering the pretty premium device.

The rumored price of the Note 8 is on the premium side too with price hike as much as $699. A bit pricey but looking at the hardware, all glass construction, better camera, features and water and dust resistance, Galaxy Note 8 is one exciting device to wait for.

Samsung Note 8 Features

Connectivity Bluetooth v5.1, Wi-Fi AC,


CPU Exynos Octa-Core, Qualcomm Snapdragon
RAM 6GB, 64GB version
Display 4K (3840×2160) or 4K (18.5:9 aspect ration)
Camera Primary: 13 Megapixel Dual lens camera, 28mm and 50mm lens with f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

Secondary: 8 Megapixel wide angle camera with f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

Battery 4200mAh battery rumored
Security fingerprint sensor, IRIS scanner
Features IP68 Water and Dust resistance, Wireless Charging, Wireless charging
Release Date: September 2017

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