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Galaxy Note 10

Now that we are seeing a lot of Xs thrown around, a few upcoming let’s talk about the phone that is going to be the next big X or 10, the Galaxy Note 10. Granted, it’s only been a month since the Note 9 launch but the minor iterative approach to the Note 9 is something to think about considering the price. The Note 10 rumors started not long ago thanks to the Note 9 and Note 8 similarity. There has been a news about the Note 9 exploding in someone’s pocket (Note 7 nightmares, anyone), although Samsung’s reputation as a smartphone king won’t be stained by such a news (it’s not yet a global disaster).

So what will the Note 10 bring to the table next year, let get into the details see what we are getting this time? The device codenamed “Da Vinci” reassures us that we are going to get a new S-Pen although the features of the new S-Pen are still in the rumor phase now, so we have gathered a few details to share with you.

Galaxy Note 10 Display: A wonder

This department needs no explanation since a Galaxy smartphone comes with one of the best display panels in the industry. An OLED with inky colors, blend that with the curved edges, you got the next perfect display. The Note 9 scaled to 6.4 inches for the display, a step up from the Note 8, but for the 10th iteration Galaxy Note X or Galaxy Note 10, we will get a humongous 6.7inch display. The display will be curved like the other Galaxy Note series avoiding the notch a Samsung standard, and the resolution will now be 4K scaling the heights for a better experience. Going along with the new display will be a new design a complete revamp of the Note 9, no matter the codename for this device is “Da Vinci”.

Galaxy Note 10 Specs: Something new

The hardware will remain much similar to the S10, that means a Snapdragon 855 or a Snapdragon silicone running at the core topping the performance charts. This will be paired with 6 or 8GB of RAM with storage options starting from 128GB all the way up to 512GB. There are speculations about a bigger battery on the Note 10. We will be cheering for this, being a huge device a 4000mAh battery won’t be enough, need to go big.

Connectivity Bluetooth v5.1, Wi-Fi AC (rumored about AX),


CPU Exynos Octa-Core, Qualcomm Snapdragon
RAM 6GB, 128GB version or 8GB, 512GB version
Display 6.7inch 4K stretched (18.5:9 aspect ratio)
Camera Triple Camera: 12 Megapixels, variable aperture, and OIS
Battery 5100mAh battery rumored
Security On screen fingerprint sensor, IRIS scanner
Features IP68 Water and Dust resistance, Wireless Charging
Release Date: August 2019

Galaxy Note 10 Camera: Glass Perfected

We know for a fact that the Note 10 will take inspiration from the Galaxy S10 which will launch in 2019 February. This means that the Note 10 very well bring the triple camera setup found on the S10. A triple 12 Megapixel camera will be quite spectacular on the Note seeing that the Note 9’s camera is a stunner. Samsung’s proprietary variable aperture will be seen on this setup paring OIS to the mix. Photography is going to be next level in this iteration of the Note.

Galaxy Note 10 Release Date and Price: 2019

Samsung has been launching their Note flagships in and around the month of August and this won’t change with the Note 10. The Galaxy Note 10 will launch in August 2019, although the exact date is not known yet. Pre-orders will start soon after the launch. The pricing model for the device will hover somewhere around the Note 9’s price, seems a reasonable price considering the specs and features. But rumors about Samsung going lower on the price is also floating around, this will only be cleared when we see the Galaxy S10 until then you can pick up a Note 9 or start saving for the Note 10, you still have time.

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