Difficult times again as sources point to no in-display fingerprint sensor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is now out in the wild, instead of making much rumble, the S9 is actually much more considerate. Thought to be an innovation, turned out to be just an iteration, the S9 is not making much fuzz and let’s face it, that hurts.

The variable aperture is something gets people talking, apart from that the minor tweaks and the updated silicone doesn’t do justice. Fast forwarding to the future, the next in line big flagship will be the Note 9, promising to bring innovation, not to mention some new features, but we are hearing sad news already.

The Galaxy Note 9, the Note revolution from the giant was supposed to bring to the table a futuristic tech, that could revolutionize the way interact with phones, the in-display fingerprint sensor. Sources indicate that the sensor currently developed by Synaptics’ is too slow to respond to inputs, which is making the overall process lag behind the hardware sensor being used.

The other solution from Qualcomm has cost issues to further complicate matters. Long story short we might not see this feature implemented on the Note 9, Samsung atleast changed the position of the current sensor, so that’s a win for everybody. The rest of the specs are pretty mighty for this huge device, with a new silicone, multiple memory options and beefier battery, an asking price that matches this might as well.

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