Galaxy Note 9 Exclusive: Galaxy S9 in the shell, pictures leak

It’s just hours away from the Galaxy S9 launch and we have got our hands on the actual device. The rumors seem to be spot on with information so far. The variable aperture on the S9 Plus is quite a feat and the newly placed fingerprint sensor is something that we’ve been waiting for.

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Galaxy Note 9 Update: Problems in the horizon

Galaxy S9 will see the light on February 25, and it seems as if the S9 might be a boring update after all, minus the much-hyped camera.

This is sure to turn some attention away to the next big flagship for the year, the Galaxy Note 9. But we are already seeing problems implementing few new features on the devices. This is the much-anticipated fingerprint sensor.

Vivo took the limelight offering an in-display fingerprint sensor, Qualcomm also showing off their setup as well. But the full story something like this, Synaptics’ offering on the Vivo is not responsive enough for a daily use smartphone, with some bugs and sluggishness in reading the fingerprint. Qualcomm’s solution, on the other hand, has the issue that it costs more to develop. Both solutions won’t be practical at the time of the Galaxy Note 9 launch and we are again back to the good old, rear placed one.

Samsung is hard at work to fix this, we can only hope to see this future tech on Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 vs LG G7: Comparison of the giants

We can all agree on the fact that Samsung has come a long way in the smartphone business. Starting with the Galaxy S, although a plastic almost cheap phone, it came with good specs, a good enough camera and most importantly, the most vibrant display to date, AMOLED panel. Today we have two top-notch smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 with edge display with stretched aspect ratio and camera/s that can do photographic wonders.

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