Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Release Date, Features and Price And Everything you need to know

Samsung is the only company who over time are improving their products, bringing in innovation, improving on the current standards and providing features that are essential to a user, proving that they are indeed the king of the smartphone world. Galaxy S7 was the start, they just took the formula mixed in some industry innovation and there you have  it, Galaxy S8, a stunning device feels really good in hands, hiding the fact that it’s got a 5.8 inch display; other killer specs to go along as well.

Surprisingly this formula didn’t work much for the Galaxy Note 7, which was too hot to handle. Now that we have the whole Galaxy evolution behind us, let’s talk Galaxy Note 9, an ace in Samsung’s deck, how will it play out, read on to find out.

Galaxy Note 9: Display and Body Galaxy Note 9  Camera; twice the sharpness
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Galaxy Note 9 Price Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

Galaxy Note 9: What we know so far?

galaxy note 9
galaxy note 9 with edge display

That’s an interesting thought, since Samsung has given up the tag “being conservative”, their new Galaxy line up comes with the latest and greatest tech, killer style and a stunning AMOLED panel to boot. Well this is not going to change much with the new Note line up, with the rumored specs and details which are sure to blow the competition. Although we will have a huge device, we can’t call it a phablet, since these days, everyone is aiming for huge screens, except for Apple, they are still in the 90s reiterating the same model since 2014. Some key things to expect from the Galaxy Note 9:

  1. An improved and stretched AMOLED panel
  2. Enough horsepower to tenderize an elephant
  3. Improved glass for your day today photography needs
  4. All new security features
  5. Sleek UI with the latest Android.

Galaxy Note 9: Display and Body

samsung galaxy note 9
samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung’s Note lineup has always been the standout model, a huge display, top specs and a stylus to go along with it, not to mention the Note UI always had some fancy features of it’s own like dual display for example We know so far that the Galaxy Note 8 will most likely be a tweaked version of S8 Plus, but Note 9 on the other hand will be a major leap since Samsung is always changing their strategy with a new flagship refresh. So, where does that leave us with the display for the Note 9? Well, rumors floating on the internet about a device with 6.3inch SAMOLED panel with all glass construction might very well be the Galaxy Note 9.

We also might see a shift in the display tech too. The construction will be all bezel-less, the curve glass edge screen like Galaxy S7 and S8, and the resolution as per the confirmed rumor is 4K. If this resolution will be an 18.5:9 like the S8 or 16:9 aspect ratio is yet to be confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Infographics

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Infographics
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Infographics

For a device like this premium is a must have, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus delivers on that with all glass and metal construction, the feel is so good in the hands, it’s surreal for such a huge device. Following the pattern, the Galaxy Note 9 will be the same glass moulded metallic phone with bezel-less construction and thin profile to go along. The Note 9 will also be rated to IP68 water and dust protection so you can take it virtually anywhere. And we can’t forget the S-Pen stylus though, carefully tucked away, the stylus will be revamped too supporting more features out of the box.

Sadly though new leaks confirm that the Galaxy Note 9 will not be coming with a 3.5mm jack.

Galaxy Note 9  Camera; twice the sharpness>

samsung note 9
samsung note 9

Galaxy S8 was rumoured to come with a dual lens setup, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Galaxy Note 9 on the other hand will have a dual camera setup out of the box, a both will be 16 Megapixels one camera with a 28mm lens and the other with 50mm lens, making zooming in and out of subjects easier. Aperture will be fixed at f/1.7, opening the lens for that extra bit of sharpness, Optical Image Stabilization will also be an added bonus so that your night time shots are now clearer than ever. The front shooter on the Note 9 will be a 12 Megapixel shooter with the same f/1.7 aperture giving you those picture perfect selfies, Samsung is considerate to add OIS to the setup as well.

Galaxy Note 9  Hardware; something to Note about

note 9
note 9

Samsung’s jump to 10nm was a surprise with the S8 devices outperforming the best. The tweaked UI on the bundled Android helped it to ear through tasks without breaking a sweat. Note 9 isn’t going to be any different in this department either. If rumors are true, Samsung’s working on the update to their Exynos 8 and leaks have shown a new lithography, suggesting 4nm. But rumors or no rumors, we can conclude that we will be seeing the latest and greatest of the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip in the Galaxy Note 9 and an Exynos chip for other markets as well.

There is also a rumor that there will two variants of the Galaxy Note 9, one with 6GB of RAM and the other, 8GB of RAM. Considering the possibilities and Samsung’s venture into latest tech, this could very well become true. With the latest Android on top of this hardware, Note 9 will definitely be a tough competition.

Galaxy Note 9 Features

galaxy note 9 specification
galaxy note 9 specification

With a new refresh comes a great set of features, some useful and other gimmicky in most cases. We have discussed the Note 9 will be all glass device with no home button instead will be new capacitive buttons and for a change the touch id will be integrated into the display making it an improvement over the current awkward positioning of the sensor. There will be no headphone jack but Bluetooth 5.1 will help you connecting those multimedia devices, Samsung might also include a set of Bluetooth headphones in the box too, else investing in one will be a good ides since it removes the clutter of wires too. The IRIS scanner will be improved for better security of your device, the positioning of the sensor won’t change though.


Connectivity Bluetooth v5.1, Wi-Fi AC (rumored about AX),


CPU Exynos Octa-Core, Qualcomm Snapdragon
RAM 6GB, 64GB version or 8GB, 128GB version
Display 4K (3840×2160) or 4K (18.5:9 aspect ration)
Camera Primary: 16 Megapixel Dual lens camera, 50mm and 28mm lens with f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

Secondary: 12 Megapixel camera with f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

Battery 4800mAh battery rumored
Security On screen fingerprint sensor, IRIS scanner
Features IP68 Water and Dust resistance, Wireless Charging
Release Date: September 2018

Galaxy Note 9 Price

All in all Galaxy Note 9 will the next greatest device from Samsung bundling all the specs and features into one device. Now you might be wondering when can I get my hands on one and how much is it going to cost me? Since Samsung’s marketing strategy isn’t changing anytime soon, the odds of the device releasing before September is bleak. The price tag for such premium devices at the time of launch will be premium too, so we can expect $699 for the 6GB model and $799 for the 8GB one.

Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

That being said, Samsung is full of surprises, it could also be a possibility that the Note 9 see the light before September, rumors indicate July, 2018. Either way we are excited for the next magnificent device from Samsung.

You might want to ditch the Galaxy Note 8 for Note 9

Samsung is now in the spotlight for innovating, rethinking the concept of a mobile device. The Galaxy S8 is miles ahead of the S7, bringing in new feature on the table along with a new design and mightier specs, we’d wish the camera was given a bump though. The stretched design was something first for a mobile device and the wide aspect ratio meant video look stretched. But for a phone, the dual curved edges just melt on the sides making the display look bezel-less. Now we are about see this same philosophy in a ginormous form in the shape of Galaxy Note 8. As obvious as it is, Note 8 might not bring much to the table, apart from few spec bump and S-Pen stylus. This leaves us with no choice but stick to the S8 for now and wait for the Note 9. As per the new leaks, Galaxy Note 9 will the first smartphone to implement in built fingerprint scanner. The scanner will be integrated into the display, some cool future stuff, right? Wait there’s more, Galaxy Note 9 will also bring a new design as well. The camera leaks now point to a much more capable dual lens setup with f/1.4 aperture and OIS, now this makes for a compelling decision. The company who made phones with cheap plastic designs is now being hailed for their innovations, after the Note 8, Galaxy Note 9 will the next best thing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to be the next cool device

The battle of the best smartphones has reached a new level with Apple almost leveling the game with their iPhone X. A clear victory for Apple, the iPhone X is pretty futuristic bringing a refreshing although similar design. With a 5.8 inch almost bezel-less display, it’s the best iPhone ever. Samsung on the other has a slew of features on their flagship Galaxy Note 8 which comes with an almost infinity edge display and iris scanner similar to the Note 8. While we talk what the features are, it’s what hiding away in the hardware that matters. And here Samsung is pulling away in every angle. Samsung devices introduced heat pipes, kind of vapor chamber designs for cooling their smartphones, pretty neat, right? Guess what’s more interesting, after a rumor that the new Galaxy series might not come with a heat pipe, prototype leaks and other renders point to a heat pipe design developed by Samsung to be used in their Galaxy series smartphone. This gives a solid news that the Galaxy S9 will come with better cooling following which the Galaxy Note 9 will take it further.

The news doesn’t end here, we have got updates that there’s a new Iris Sensor in development. Samsung was the first to introduce Iris Scanner, being as awkwards as is, it’s making the way for trendy designs with manufacturers removing or even replacing fingerprint sensors for this feature. With the new in-screen fingerprint sensor and updated iris scanner, Galaxy Note 9 is sure to make a splash.

Galaxy Note 9 wireframe leaks, more details: A clear picture of what to expect

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wireframe

Galaxy Note 9 is revealed in new leaks, this time around, we’ve got our hands on a wireframe for the proposed design. There are a few interesting aspects in this leak making the Note 9 the next big thing. Let’s talk about the design first. Following a rectangular design, the Galaxy Note 9 will surely have a fully curved display, more likely a stretched one like the Galaxy S9. The curves will not only provide a bezel-less experience but also good feel in the hands, for a large device, this certainly is a positive note and the stretched display means that the footprint will be much lower than the display specs. Following the display, we have the much-rumored under-screen fingerprint sensor, which is a good news.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wireframe

This also means that the screen to body ratio is much more than the Galaxy series of yesteryear. Another interesting point to note about the Note 9 wireframe is the absence of a bixby button. Still unconfirmed, being on the positive side, Samsung might ditch the button or add it with other functionalities integrated into it. Apart from the buttons, we can see similar sized sensors together, apart from the camera, now this might just be an improved iris scanner, it is still unknown at this time. Then we have the front facing camera, which might scale to 12 Megapixels from the rumored 8, with 1.7 aperture and OIS. There’s no news or leaks on the back panel and sides of the device, but keep posted for more news on the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 Colour Options Might Have been leaked

Of all the leaks, the most interesting one for today are the color options for the Note 9. It’s surprising to see Samsung sticking to some oldies for the color. For the most part, we have the charcoal black as one of the options, then we have these choices, coral blue, and arctic silver. We can all agree on the fact that Black is the best color, and no color is going to beat that. It will also be a fingerprint magnet, making scratches more visible. That being said, the premium finish that other colors bring has to be noted as well. When the Note 9 is available, which color will you pick?

Update Jan 11: Samsung might opt Synaptics over Qualcomm for the in-display fingerprint solution.

Vivos demo of the tech in CES was a big hit. Although slower and working only on OLED panels, the in-display fingerprint sensor might just make it to the Galaxy Note 9. Qualcomm’s solution, the ultrasonic version of it might sound futuristic and stuff, but rumors are pointing that Samsung might just go with the Synaptics solution instead for Note 9.

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